Clint Mansell, film score composer in The National Concert Hall

Clint Mansell at the National Concert Hall Dublin

Clint Mansell at the National Concert Hall Dublin


Must be the most ambient music gig I’ve ever been too.

The performance came complete with a projector screen which displayed behind the musicians – usually to a pleasant, modern effect with the exception of one or two rather odd and intense mini-films.

The piano player was incredible, as was the quartet he had accompanying him on stage – there is nothing like a good cello player.

The pieces contained a lot of tension, mainly illustrated on the strings, and Mansell clearly has a gift for arranging up to 7 musicians on stage.

He played the pieces he is most famous for – electronica infused film soundtracks (eg Black Swan, The Wrestler), and the audience was enthralled. I also saw some little kids there which was great. My favourite piece was accompanied by a beautiful dance slide show (much better than aforementioned freaky singing face one.)

It was his Pi and Requiem for a Dream Soundtrack (Darren Aronofski) in 2001 which propelled Mansell to international attention and he has gone on to win 3 Best Original Scores Awards and has been nominated in 12 BAFTA categories.