Frank Harte Singing Festival

The Frank Harte Festival

Irish Music lovers from all corners of the globe descended in Dublin this weekend for a highly acclaimed festival of Irish Traditional singing. The festival is dedicated to the memory of Frank Harte who promoted Irish traditional singing in Irish and English. He also collected lots of songs so they wouldn’t ‘die with the singer’ and did podcasts of his singing for RTE. There was word on the street that our very own Christy Moore was also out-and-about, adding to his song collection!

One lady I met told of how Christy was waiting for her outside the bathrooms to ask her ‘Where did you get that song from?’ – this funny little encounter displays a singers never ending drive to discover a new song, uncover its landscape, weave their instrument around its and sing their own interpretation of it.

On Sunday the Cobblestones had a singing session: I love hearing new songs, but, as now as I’m based in Dublin, my repertoire of Ulster based songs isn’t increasing as I’m being exposed to Dublin songs.

Truth be told, I love Northern songs, they seem to be more ‘love storied’ based, and Dublin songs have more events and stories to them, so it’s just a change in subject matter really…

Thanks for a great weekend to all who came to Frank Harte