Playing in the Guinness Warehouse… again!

Saturday was a great day, during the day I was jamming with the flute player from Mutefish, Daithi. Harp and flute work incredibly well together. We played some trad pieces, like Ag Criost an Siol and other slow airs, and then we played some u2 pieces, because people always love that! Mutefish are playing this Friday at the Grand Social and I definitely plan to attend. They are a band who work incredibly well live.

Then that night I was play ting in the Gravity bar in the Guinness Store House again.  It was a small American crowd, Americans always appreciate music! I played a selection of semi-classical pieces, trad pieces, sang, and improvised a few things.

After my 2 hour slot, ‘Slide Step’ came on, they are a group of contemporary step dancers and irish dancers. I knew a few of them, and the lead dancer was a guy I used to tour with (he had just started as a professional Irish dancer at the time.) He has certainly come on quite a bit, and his stage presence has gone through the roof. Well done Eoin!