The Gloaming

I treated myself to a ticket to see The Gloaming on the National Concert Hall at the weekend (also as part of my birthday gift to myself.)

Martin Hayes is possibly my most favourite musician and the music he makes with Denis Cahill is magic.

The concert didn’t disappoint. I think I was smiling the whole way through the gig.  Iarla O’Lionaird sang beautifully and the pianist with them, a young Thomas Bartlett, was nothing short of astounding. With each musician being a master at their art, the combined effect on stage was thrilling and heart-warming enough to make me forget that I’d had the flu for days.

Even when Hayes plays tunes I don’t like, they suddenly become full of intricacies and peaks and a beauty I wasn’t aware existed within the piece. He brings out a diamond in every rough.

The Glaoming’s music is traditional Irish music at its finest and I went back on Monday night for another listen :)